Rehabilitation Support

We can assist with prescribed exercises and general household support when you or a loved one return home from a rehabilitation facility.

Regain independence, restore your quality of life

At Carepoint, we understand that rehabilitation is a crucial part of the journey to recovery. Our Rehabilitation Support services are designed to empower individuals on the path to well-being.

More of our services

Dementia Care

Specializing in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, Carepoint ensures the safety, comfort, and engagement of your family member in our care.

Lifestyle Care

Whether you’re seeking a personalized plan to maintain independence in your home or require around-the-clock support for a family member, we ensure safety and security without any hassle.

Respite Care

Carepoint is here to support family caregivers. When needing a break or a vacation, we’re here to provide short-term caregiving support that fits your schedule.

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