If you are considering in-home rehabilitation or assisted living support for an elderly loved one, the professionals at Carepoint can help. Traveling to and from an outpatient rehabilitation center can be challenging and dangerous for many seniors, especially if they begin the recovery process immediately following surgery. Our highly trained staff can meet your loved one at their home, hospital, or preferred rehabilitation center, for comfortable and safe treatment.

rehabilitation exercises

Reconditioning Exercises

If your loved one is recovering from a medical procedure, the success of their recovery will depend on the quality of care they receive during rehabilitation. Our caregivers can assist seniors with prescribed exercises from their physical and occupational therapist, while offering support throughout their recovery.

rehabilitation meal planning

Meal Planning

Our caregivers take pride in planning and preparing healthy and tasteful meals for our senior clients. We take a custom approach to meal planning, and will work on-on-one with your loved one to ensure they are following proper dietician requirements for balanced and healthy meals. Our staff is well versed in a variety of senior health conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems, and caters meal plans to meet individual dietary needs.

rehabilitation bathing and dressing

Bathing & Dressing

At Carepoint, we understand how difficult it can be for seniors to maintain their independence, which is why we offer in-home personal support. If someone you know requires assistance bathing, dressing, shaving or performing other routine activities, in-home support can make life easier for you and your loved one.

rehabilitation exercises


If your loved one needs help making it to their next doctor's appointment, picking up their perscriptions, therapy appointments, rehabilitation appointments, or even running general errands our caregiving professionals can help them get there safely.

rehabilitation care

General In Home Care

For many seniors, living at home for as long as possible is their number one priority. At Carepoint, we provide in-home support for seniors looking to maintain their independence safely. Our caregivers transform day-to-day activities into meaningful opportunities, to enrich the lives of seniors physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

If you're considering in-home treatment for elderly rehabilitation and support, contact the professionals Carepoint in Charlotte, NC today! We offer a variety of senior care solutions, designed to make life a little easier for you and your loved one, in the comfort of your own home.