Carepoint home care - frequently asked questions

What types of home care services does Carepoint offer?

Carepoint is a Charlotte, NC based home care agency that is licensed through North Carolina's Department of Health Service Regulation. We offer a variety of non-medical, in-home care services that are designed to keep you, or your loved one, independent in their place of residence. Carepoint is licensed, insured, and bonded! All of our home care services are managed and supervised by a Registered Nurse. All of the services are delivered by a highly trained and qualified Certified Nursing Assistant; meaning that, your home care aid is qualified to help you live with more independence!

What is non-medical home care and how does it compare to other forms of Long Term Care?

Non-medical home care includes a variety of tasks and services designed to keep you or your loved one independent and safe in their place of residence, including: personal care assistance (showering, bathing, grooming, dressing, assistance with eating, etc.), general housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, running errands, medication reminders, safety supervision, assistance with rehabilitation exercises, and incidental transportation. Services may range anywhere from a few hours a day/week up to 24√ó7 live-in care if needed.

What are the benefits of home care services?

Our services can be used in a variety of ways for many different reasons. Remaining at home is often the first choice for our clients who require some additional assistance to remain independent. Carepoint can provide the long-term assistance needed for daily household tasks and personal care support needed to fulfill this objective. Carepoint services can also be leveraged for short term needs as well if family members are not available to help or if extra care is needed while rehabilitating an injury. Some of our clients take advantage of our discounted, flat-rate services for 24 hour live-in support where safety is of primary importance for an individual living alone. Carepoint employees are also trained to specifically support our many clients suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other dementia symptoms.

Carepoint provides services to the greater Charlotte, NC region. This includes the following counties in North and South Carolina: Mecklenburg, Gaston, Cabarrus, Union, Iredell, Rowan, York (SC), and Lancaster (SC).

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is the option to retain two dedicated, in-home Nurse Aides (Caregivers) to provide live-in care and support for a loved one. The Caregiver is available during working hours (8am thru 8pm for example) and on-call during evening hours, but remains in your home the entire time. The Caregiver is designated a bedroom and bathroom and sleeps during nighttime hours, but is available if needed for emergency purposes. Discounted flat-rates apply depending on the level of care. If direct and continuous 24-hour care is required, Carepoint can staff around-the-clock care for our typical rates.

Why hire a home care agency?

An agency offers the peace of mind that cannot be experienced through staffing a neighbor or an individual from an online directory. Agencies are typically bonded and insured and have access to many resources, in the event there is an emergency or other issue with the primary caregiver. Agencies typically screen their staff (criminal background checks at a minimum) and train their staff on proper task execution. Further, Agencies are required to fulfill all federal and state tax withholdings which can be challenging and put you at risk when hiring an unaffiliated individual.

Is Carepoint licensed, insured, or bonded?

Yes. Additionally, Carepoint is licensed by the NC Department of Health Service Regulation, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, retains additional insurance coverage beyond the minimum requirements, and performs more extensive screening than required including driving record and drug screens. We are also licensed in South Carolina!

With so many choices, why hire Carepoint?

There are three primary reasons to choose Carepoint. First, Carepoint is an established locally owned and operated agency managed by an agency director with nearly 20 years of experience caring for seniors and those suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Second, Carepoint goes beyond the minimum regulatory requirements relative to insurance, training, and employee screening. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Carepoint hires only the best Charlotte-area Nurse Aides and Caregivers who are passionate about providing exceptional care to our clients. We specifically screen for high quality candidates and manage performance to our high expectations.

Has Carepoint established partner relationships?

Carepoint is proud to be a founding member of Charlotte Senior Resources, a local non-profit organization chartered with establishing a strong network of highly recommended suppliers in the senior and medical care fields.

How do I know if it's safe for me (or my loved one) to remain at home?

Prior to establishing a service plan, a Carepoint nurse will perform an extensive on-site assessment geared towards understanding our prospective client's health history, environmental considerations, and the requested care needs. Carepoint will voice and discuss potential safety concerns at this time and assist in remediating those concerns. Additionally, Carepoint will perform quarterly onsite check-ins to ensure the safety and soundness of our client and the services we're delivering. Carepoint will always escalate and provide guidance in the event of potential or discovered safety concerns.

My doctor ordered home health care - do I need Carepoint?

Possibly. It is common for Carepoint to provide home care support to a client receiving any number of home health care services such as nursing care, occupational therapy, physical therapies, etc. Often times clients rehabilitating an injury at home find they need extra support not covered under Medicare, including things such as meal preparation, house cleaning, running errands, and assisting with personal care to name a few.

My loved one resides in a retirement community - do I need Carepoint?

Home care services are designed to keep an individual safe and independent regardless of where they may reside.

My loved one is a veteran. How can I determine if he/she is eligible for VA benefits?

You can call the office of Veterans Affairs directly or contact a qualified elder law attorney who can facilitate approval and further discuss a holistic long-term care strategy. We can provide you with a qualified Veteran Affairs advisor that will step you through the entire process free of charge.

Are your services covered by Medicare?<

No. Home care services (regardless of company) and other forms of long-term care are not covered under medicare.

What payment types do you accept?

Private pay (credit card, check, or cash), veteran's benefits, and long term care insurance.

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care insurance is a policy that helps pay for the care you need when you can no longer care for yourself. Long-term care insurance covers care generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

How do I get started?

Contact us today for more information and to schedule a no-cost in-home assessment.

Are there any long term contracts?

No. Care options can be altered or terminated at anytime in order to fit you or your loved one's needs.

What type of person would be caring for my loved one?

Carepoint hires only experienced staff members who have demonstrated their passion for delivering exceptional care. The majority of our employees are experienced Certified Nurse Aides (as opposed to non-certified Companions) with strong references. Our employees are subject to rigorous annual training, skills verification, criminal background checks, drug screens, driving record reviews, and our high expectations for in-home service providers.