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Care management

Care Management is a team-based approach where a Senior Care Advisor collaboratively assesses the needs of the client and the client's family and arranges, coordinates, monitors, evaluates, and advocates multiple services to meet the client's specific complex needs. A Senior Care Advisor encourages the most effective use of health care or social services. Call today to set up an assessment with one of our Senior Care Advisors!

When Do You Need Senior Care Management?

  • You have concerns about your aging parent's health or safety
  • A crisis has occurred in your loved one's health or mental status
  • The current living situation has become unsafe
  • Hospital visits are more frequent and long-term planning or placement is necessary
  • A probable dementia diagnosis
  • Inability to follow through on orders and medication compliance
  • No family nearby and more support is needed
  • You are struggling with the demands of caregiving
  • You or you family member is facing any challenges related to aging, illness, or disability

How Can Senior Care Management Help You Or Your Family Member?

  • Ensuring a coordinated plan
  • Accompanying to doctors' visits and follow through on orders and medications.
  • Maximizing the services and benefits available to your family.
  • Reducing your time spent on the phone with follow-ups, dealing with doctors' offices, emergency situations, and locating appropriate resources for your family.
  • Increasing your family member's safety and health.
  • Improving family member's outcomes through careful planning, appropriate services, and expert evaluation.
  • Help you have a meaningful relationship with your loved one again!