“I didn’t think you could find me a better caregiver…”- Carepoint Client

Not many of our clients like change, so when we have to switch caregivers we understand how the client is feeling. We had the opportunity to visit with one of our clients that was dealing with this situation. The Client Care Coordinators want the client to not only like the caregiver but LOVE the caregiver. It may take a couple of tries before we get the perfect caregiver for them but when we do, we receive a comment like, “I didn’t think you could find me a better caregiver, then BAM you send her”! When we walk into a client’s home and see the “marriage” between a client and caregiver, the laughter, the smiles, the genuine CARE being poured into that home, these are the types of moments that make us wake up every morning and do what we do.   Opening your home to someone can feel invasive, maybe even uncomfortable at times, at Carepoint we understand that and want your house to feel like home at all times. With us you’re family!