As we age, certain organs, muscles, and systems in our bodies start to break down. These failures aren’t necessarily linked to disease or illness, sometimes it’s just what happens when humans reach their seventh, eighth, and ninth decades of life. Many times, all that’s needed to correct these problems is surgery, but especially when an individual is older and less mobile, recovery time can be quite extensive. Providing post-surgery residential care and rehabilitation for elderly patients in Charlotte is one of Carepoint’s specialties, and choosing us can help speed up recovery.

After surgery, most people want to get out of the hospital as quickly as possible. Doctors have confirmed that a patient’s recovery time is often shortened when they’re able to rest in a place that’s familiar and comfortable. However, depending on the type of surgery, it could be anywhere from weeks to months before they’re back on their feet again. Some surgeries, like those for cataracts, limit vision so even if a patient is mobile they can’t see well enough to get around safely. Other surgeries, like hip or knee replacement, limit mobility. So even if a patient is alert and aware of things that need to be done, they can’t move about without assistance.

In these circumstances, being left without in-home care can delay recovery time greatly. Those left on their own could find it difficult to keep up with physical therapy schedules and doctors appointments. Those with limited mobility or vision could struggle with meal preparation and the taking of medications, which could make it hard for them to regain their strength as quickly as they should.

If you’re expecting surgery in the near future, contact Carepoint to find out how our residential care services can help have you back on your feet as soon as possible!